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Travis Brown

The Implementer

Travis is our Service Delivery Manager and is usually first to answer your call. His calming voice will quickly reduce your heart rate and blood pressure! He makes sure your needs are attended to and is the boss of The Engine Room.

Travis has spent six years in the industry, including the role of Service Delivery Manager for the sole authorised Apple service provider in Zimbabwe. He knows the inside of Apple products like the back of his hand.

About me

Travis is intent about clients receiving IT products that work straight away. He’s also built a wide range of specialties including client experience, hardware options for cyber security, wifi systems and networking. Travis is an outright team man and is one of the reasons the team is so strong.

Travis has fallen in love with the kiwi lifestyle and Aotearoa is now lucky to pronounce him its own. He’s become a dad recently, which has slowed his 5km run time of 16mins (that’s scorching!) but he’s still hooked on triathlons. We suggest you don’t join one of his training sessions!

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