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Scott Lilly

The Client Supporter

Scott is the co-founder of and knows more about client service and technology than anyone in the building.  He’s been in the IT industry for around 15 years and sold his first IT company in his 20s in search of the bright lights and fun of London.  Scott landed a job straight away as IT support at a modelling agency.  Not surprisingly, it was his only job he held in London.  But the pull back to Canterbury and the chance to team up with his old mate, Matt Cook, was too much.  Before they knew it, was born.

Scott’s mind is constantly switched to client mode these days.  He’s always thinking of ways to make clients‘ organisations more productive and efficient.  He understands the complexities of running a business so is happy to plan initiatives in advance or pick the right time to raise new ideas.  You’ll also be charmed by his sense of humour.

About me

Outside of work, Scott is an avid traveller and is not averse to the odd half marathon. He’ll tackle a DIY project but can be just as happy hanging with old friends and a craft ale.

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