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Keeping You ON The Move

Not For Profit

This will surprise you.  Some of our biggest clients are charities and darn high performing ones at that! We treat Not For Profits a little different because we can access savings for you guys that others can’t. Sound good so far?

Well, we still throw in our commitment to world class customer experience and you may like to read Our Promise to Clients below.

Here are a few of the charitable areas we work with:

  • Social work
  • Housing
  • Churches
  • Community centres
  • Regional sports organisations
  • Sports clubs

Our Promise to Clients

We’re on a mission to get technology really working for you. We develop strong relationships with great support from our friendly, down-to-earth team.

Our communication is simple and concise. We understand your organisation and remove the stress with proactive planning, delivering on our word and responding to urgency whenever needed.

We’re Here To Help Your Business

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination