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Jonathan Renecle

The Engine Room

Jonathan, or Jono after your first introduction, is one of the nicest guys on Earth and he’ll walk over broken glass to make sure our clients are satisfied.  He’s an outright people person and his calm, collected manner will set you at ease. He strictly speaks in plain English and will make sure you understand what’s going on before getting underway.  Not only a top bloke, but Jono has seven years of IT experience so has well-rounded skills, particularly in planning for the right technology, networking and cloud computing. Jono ran his own IT business in South Africa so understands the world from a business point of view.  He’s also provided a lot of IT support for professional services firms and charitable trust organisations.

About me

Jono was raised on the South African Highveld, where many of his family still live today. While he loves the diversity that Africa provides, he can’t resist the Kiwi lifestyle and has been drawn to Christchurch for its beautiful scenery and outdoor living. He enjoys staying fit, swimming in the sea, ‘working out’, playing the guitar and travelling to new and interesting places.

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