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Hamish Saunders

The Engine Room

Hamish has seven years experience in the industry and all of it has been connected with the i.t.online team. Not surprisingly, the team spirit is one of the main reasons he likes working here. He also enjoys the variety of work and reckons every day provides a new and interesting challenge.

Hamish is your automation man. ´Do it once and do it right,´ he says. He’ll look for any way to create efficiencies be it via smarter systems, more logical set-up or writing fancy coding that takes the work out of a job. Hamish also enjoys customising servers and loves a problem to solve – the tougher the better!

About me

If you need something out of your top cupboard, Hamish is your man. At six foot six, he’s a tall unit! And, since he does karate and stunt work, it pays to be nice to him. He has a real knack with electronics and has built several drones from scratch that took him briefly into drone flight racing.

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