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Get Cloud, Be Mobile

Cloud Computing & Cloud Back Up

Everybody seems to know about ‘cloud computing’ and there’s some sort of stampede to go ‘virtual’!

Simply put, if you want to access your stuff anywhere anytime or want to sleep easy knowing your secrets are retrievable given the unthinkable, then we can do just that. Just a wee tip that for many organisations it can actually be cheaper and easier to stick with what you’ve got. We can provide the options, you make the decision.

Organisations are being peppered with software options that allow you to access data on the run outside of the office. Xero accounting software is a good example but there are heaps more and they provide great benefits. But, before you take the leap, please talk to us first! Despite the obvious advantages, we’ll point out the disruption and true costs of such a transition to ensure better planning and preparation

Quick Checklist

  • Migrate to the cloud
  • Back up to the cloud
  • Access your info on the run
  • Smooth the transition to cloud-based applications

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