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George Munoz

The Engine Room

George has spent eight years in the industry and around half of that at He’s a real ‘people person‘ so takes an intense interest in client satisfaction and team culture. George is well respected by clients and he can make the most complicated system sound simple.

George is our cyber security expert and is leading this fast growing area of IT for us. He’s up with the latest threats and is willing to do security audits, team training and patching gaps in your IT set up. He’s also very experienced in infrastructure, networking and cloud.

About me

George has an interesting background. Originally of Chilean and Spanish heritage, he has a degree from Otago University and is a fluent speaker of Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. Maybe this is why his IT explanations are so simple!

George lives on a lifestyle block with his wife, son, two cats and one dog. He is an shareholder so we’re expecting he’ll stay put in Canterbury for many years to come. He’s a fan of soccer and is happy to relax in front of a good movie. But most importantly, George is the undisputed games champion and even has the trophy named after him!

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