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Cyber Security

Data Protection & IT Security Services

Cyber security and data protection is now essential for every business, big or small. Think of it like setting the burglar alarm and locking the front door before you leave at night.

We’d hate your customers’ information, your intellectual property or your own financial statements to end up on a locked-down internet page for all to see. What a disaster! Our IT security services will help protect your business and valuable data.

We usually start with a check of what you already have in place. We can do that in three levels – once-over-lightly, pretty thorough or super detailed. We then give you some options and let you tell us about your appetite for risk. There’s no fuss and most things are quick and easy to put in place. Often this will include some staff training given this is where most security breaches occur. Then you can get on with delighting your customers knowing your competitors can’t spy on your cunning inventions!

Quick Checklist

  • Cyber security audits
  • Data protection
  • Cyber security staff training

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