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Craig Jaspers

The Client Supporter

Craig is one of our Client Supporters and you will benefit from his wide-ranging experience across multiple industries including retail, wholesale, export, freight, banking and recruitment. The common factor? Great customer experience … so it’s no wonder snapped him up! Craig loves to understand his clients’ businesses, their goals, their needs and then finding ways to limit their stress.  Seeing clients achieve is what excites Craig and he’ll work hard to see them punch above their weight in whatever market they are in.

About me

Spending time with friends and family is ultra important to Craig. But he’s also a dynamo of fitness and activity! He flies planes and has a passion for anything aviation. He’s currently in training for the Coast to Coast. He plays or watches golf, rugby and tennis Plus, he is an insatiable supporter of the Wimbledon football team and proudly watched their six promotions in thirteen seasons!

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