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Computers & Networks

Why Use VPNs In Your Business?

Our VPNs & networking solutions give your staff secure access to your local network, files and printers wherever they are in the world. It makes working together faster and easier. Once we understand your organisation’s needs, we custom design the most cost-effective solution.

ActiveTech© is an product that proactively monitors, manages and protects the computers and server in your organisation. ActiveTech© contains commercially-managed antivirus scanning and protection. Any problems are reported to our monitored dashboard and ActiveTech© allows us to dial in and get you back up and running at full pace. can help you choose the computer, laptop and tablet that does what you need. We set it up so once you hit the keyboard, you can access what you need straight away.

Quick Checklist

  • Servers
  • Networking
  • Automatic monitoring of performance issues
  • Anti-virus
  • Computers, laptops & tablets
  • Mobile phone integration

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