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Callum van Hamelsveld

The Implementer

Callum is another of our senior pros with over ten years industry experience in both New Zealand and the UK. He’s worked with small businesses, not-for-profits and large organisations with over 2,000 staff. So, there’s not much that stresses Callum and his super-calm nature will reduce your stress levels immediately!

Callum intuitively sees the world as if inside your organisation due to his strong ‘in-house’ background. He’s great on the usual networking and IT infrastructure but he’s got loads to offer using digital solutions to increase customer experience, sales and efficiencies in your organisation.

About me

Eight years in the UK meant his passport got a thorough work-out across Europe and the globe. But his passion for the outdoors drew him back to his Kiwi roots, where he enjoys camping and adventure sports. In relaxed mode, he’s a keen photographer or you’ll find him stuck in a good book.

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